15 Ways to Celebrate Paperback Book Day on March 29

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Gift someone a Paperback

There are many people that still love to read paperback books. They would love to receive a paperback book for the Paperback Book Day.

You can gift anyone any paperback book on Paperback Book Day. If you can’t think of someone, why not gift a book to a public library? Make a trip to the library and you’ll find people of all ages poring over the display of paperback books in the library book shelves.

This is a great way to get people to read. And on this day, you can gift a first-time reader a paperback.

Order a book through the Scholastic website

As a part of National Read a Book Day, the Scholastic Company has set up a website in tribute to one of the most popular books of all time, The Cat in the Hat .

You can go online and order a copy of the paperback book and it will arrive in your mailbox July 29. Each copy includes a personal message from your favorite Dr. Seuss character, the Cat in the Hat.

Now you can read the tale of the man in the hat yourself and add your name into the Seuss-ical, “Cat in the Hat” story.

This original tale will be sure to create some jolly good times.

Alternatively, you can also buy the book on Amazon .

Head to a library

Or bookstore and enjoy the talks, book signings, or other special events.

Visit your local library and pick out a few books that you want to read next. Ask the librarian for more ideas of what to read and how to make the most of it.

This book day, try to visit a library or a bookstore, especially if it’s close to your home. You might get lucky to see some authors or other special guests.

If you don’t have time to visit a library or a bookstore, you can reserve one or more of the books about self-help, wellness, and health that you are interested in, and pick them up at your local library to read.

Browse an independent bookstore or charity shop

There’s something special about a well-curated bookshop. You see it right away. The books aren’t crammed into tight rows but are instead displayed with artful precision.

Independent bookstores often know their customers and will be happy to help you find something new and will introduce you to upcoming authors on the rise. Charity shops may be a hit-or-miss in terms of the quality of their stock, but they’re likely to have great-condition books at very affordable prices.

Read a book in one sitting

Young kids do this all the time, and that’s because they don’t want to miss out on anything. There is so much happening in their world that they can barely keep up with it all. A kid can start a book, notice a commercial on TV that an adult would find dull and tedious, and then move on to something else.

Then when a kid has reading time, he or she is able to rely on solid comprehension skills to fill the gaps and make sense of the content.

Buy a paperback book by an indie author

This is a great way to help support, not only a local artist, but also an art form that has a very short shelf-life. Indie authors are some of the best writers out there today. They put a lot of time, effort, and passion into their work and deserve your support. A few you might recognize would be Chuck Wendig, N.K. Jemisin, and J. Kathleen George.

Review a book

Take a book photoshoot

Capture your love for books by taking a photoshoot in which your favorite reads are everything. Choose a backdrop that feels like home, and get a photographer to capture the moment.

Organize your bookshelves

The plot may be straight from an episode of “Hoarders,” but it is important to keep your physical books and the shelf they reside on organized.

For starters, organize your books by categories or color. You can also write the title of the book on the spine so you can easily identify it.

If you want to take your organization skills to a whole new level, you can even create a mind map of your bookshelf. The mind map is a visual representation of a book; it’s organized according to the abstract concepts it contains, rather than the physical relationships. For example, a book on cooking would be categorized under “nutrition,” and a book about trade would be categorized under “economics.”

Apps like iMindMap have templates that show you how to organize your books based on their structure and related topics. You can even incorporate your e-books into the mind map.

Visit a bookish location

Check out one of the libraries in your town and let the world be your bookshop!

Most cities have a public library to check out, and if not, you might have a few libraries that you never knew about.

Check out their collections, borrow some books, and expand your literary horizons.

Get some inspiration from bookish Instagrammers and bloggers. They’re always sharing the best bookstores and libraries in our world.

There are also a lot of bookstores to check out around the world, so take some time researching what’s around you.

You might even be able to find an independent bookstore that closes on Paperback Book Day because they love books so much. Get them to sign your favorite paperback and then watch the magic happen.

To your local library.

Become a member of your local library and get to know it. It’s a great place to borrow books without breaking the bank. It’s also a great place to give back to your community by volunteering.

“Libraries are the cornerstones of our community and the heart of our city, where people of all ages come to read, learn, and connect with each other.”

Go to your local bookstore on the day of paperbacks!

Bookstores are a great place to celebrate paperback book day!

Often, bookstores celebrate with window displays, giveaways on social media, and special events. If you’re lucky, your local bookstore may have a cook book club or a wine and cheese book club that allows you to discuss a book that you just read.

If your favorite bookstore doesn’t have any activities on the day, you can try calling them up and asking if they would be interested in hosting a book club.

Book clubs are becoming popular again, so most bookstores these days are willing to host a book club if there is interest behind it.

If you have a spare bedroom at home, transform it into a reading room. Get your favorite items to create a cozy reading nook for yourself!

It doesn’t take much to have a reading room. Just make sure that you have a comfy corner, a sofa or a beanbag, a long table and a lamp. You may also want to do some minor decorating such as adding a few bookshelves to the walls.

If you don’t have enough space at home, ask your local bookstore if you can use their space for a small private book club meeting.

Join a book club

One of the biggest joys of reading is to discuss with other people the stories you have just read. It is a great way to share an experience with those who mix discussing books the same way some people share a passion for a favorite sports team.

You can choose to join an existing book club or start your own. Today’s technology makes this easy as there is no excuse not to do. All you need is an internet connection and a website and you can start hosting monthly gatherings with people all over the country.

It’s not uncommon for book lovers to form new friendships through book clubs especially if they have similar reading interests.

Dress up as your favorite character

Attire is a great way to celebrate this day. Dress up as your favorite character from a paperback. A bookish costume, such as detective from a mystery novel or rapper from a hip-hop novel, are always fun ways to be silly. Look for thrift store clothes that you can repurpose.

Write a book of your own

Here’s a chance to celebrate what it is that we’re best at in this world: writing.

Write a book of your own. Nothing impresses more than being able to write a mildly inoffensive sentence that may, or may not, inspire positive change in the human consciousness.