6 Reasons Why Kindle Voyage Is Better Than Paperwhite

Sonia Akavan
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Weight and Size

Both the Kindle Paperwhite and the Kindle Voyage feel good in your hand. You’ll hardly notice any difference when you pick one up.

The difference shows up when you look at the weight of the two devices. The Kindle Voyage weighs a mere 180 grams. That’s about 30 grams less than the Paperwhite.

What you save in weight, you gain back in overall dimensions. The Kindle Voyage, actually a few mil thinner than the Paperwhite.

However, the Paperwhite feels a bit more comfortable when you hold it in your hands for a while.

Display Features

The Paperwhite’s display, for all intents and purposes, was going to be my only basis of comparison. But it’s worth noting that the Voyage uses a higher resolution display. The Voyage’s 758‘600 pixels-per-inch (ppi) compare to the Paperwhite’s 212 ppi. The higher resolution has resulted in noticeable improvements in the crispness and quality of ebooks displayed on the Voyage.

Other than the display, the Voyage’s screen responds much faster to swipe gestures. It’s a more paper-like experience.

The PagePress Function

A lot of people already know that the Kindle has some simple buttons on the sides that allow for easier usage, especially when reading for long periods of time. PagePress is a new option that makes it easier to change the page at the beginning or end while you are holding the Kindle in one hand. This one-touch navigation makes it easier to turn to the next page.

PagePress has a minimalistic approach that gives you a large surface and eliminates the need for many extra buttons. You can set up the PagePress function so that it can be activated by both a tap and a press.

So you can adjust the Kindle to make it easier for anyone to use it.

Another nice thing about PagePress is that it has a “home” function so that you can easily go back to the first page of a book.

Built-in Front Light

The Paperwhite didn’t have a front light, which made it tiring for night readers. The Kindle Voyage has a built-in front-light that can be completely adjusted according to your preference. You can adjust it to provide as much or as little light as you need and increase or decrease the brightness level as you read. The front light makes reading in bed even more comfortable. No need for an extra book light.

Battery Life

The Aura H20 has a battery life of one month for a single charge. You do have to charge it once a month.But if you read daily for 20 minutes, that is only 40 minutes a week. Not a big deal at all.

The Kindle Voyage has a much longer battery life. The new Kindle Voyage Battery can last up to six weeks for a single charge if your reading half an hour a day. As well, if you need a charge in the middle of a long read, you are good because you can get a half a charge in two hours. This is great if you get stuck away from home.

Kindle Voyage Vs. Nook GLOW

The Nook is the cheapest and it has a battery life of six weeks or 6 times longer than the Kindle which also means you can take it to six places that have no charge outlets and still be able to read it continuously.

Storage, Content, and Connectivity

The Kindle Voyage is able to store more content than the Paperwhite thanks to its storage capacity. The Paperwhite has a storage of 4GB, while the Kindle Voyage has a storage of 4.5 GB.

If you like to read a lot of books and you need a large storage capacity, the Kindle Voyage is a much better deal than the Paperwhite.

Both Kindles are WiFi-only, but you can buy a Paperwhite with 3G connectivity if you prefer to download books while you are on the go.

The Kindle Voyage only has a single connector. On the other hand, the Paperwhite has connectors at both ends. This makes it easier to charge the Voyage in a crowded outlet amidst other devices.