How to Return Books on Kindle Unlimited

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Returning Books on Kindle Unlimited on Any Device

If you have subscribed to Kindle Unlimited, it is easy to return books and stop paying for a subscription. You don’t even need to be at your computer to do this. Kindle Unlimited offers great benefits, and if you use the service to its full potential, you’ll definitely read more books and discover many exciting new authors.

Here’s how to return books on Kindle Unlimited:

{1}. Navigate to the “A” titles on your Kindle.
{2}. Press the Text button in the right corner of your screen.
{3}. Select the option to return books using the “A” menu.

You can also return books from your browser. Just log in at your Kindle account online and return your books from there. You’re not charged any cancellation fees.

Remember that you can only return the books you’ve paid for, and you can’t return books that you’ve borrowed for free from the library.

How to Return Books on Kindle Unlimited on Your Tablet or Your Desktop

We have all had moments in life where we have settled down to read a specific book or document that we were very much looking forward to.

In those cases, it can be quite disappointing when you realize that the book or PDF file is either not downloadable or was poorly scanned because of OCR conversion.

Never fear, you have the option to return that book or discontinue your membership with Kindle Unlimited (KOLL). You are able to return or discontinue a Kindle Unlimited book within the first seven days either through a Kindle device, or by accessing the Withdrawal page via your computer.

To return a KOLL book through a Kindle device, follow these steps.

Log onto your Amazon account.

Navigate to your account by clicking the “Your Account” link on the top right of the page.

Select the “Manage Your Content and Devices” option and choose “Kindle Unlimited.”

Click on “See All” to display all of your KOLL books. You can now choose the return item button on a KOLL book that you are no longer enjoying.

To return or discontinue a KOLL item through your computer, complete the following steps.

How to Return Books on Kindle Unlimited Using a Kindle e-Ink Device

If you have read off the free trial and don’t plan on subscribing, you can return on your Kindle e-reader through the Amazon site. If you would like to return the book via device you can do so from the Kindle app.

{1}. Go to Manage Your Content and Devices link from your Kindle e-reader, tablet, or mobile. The link will take you to the supported Kindle devices page.
{2}. Select the link titled “Return books” from the Actions column. You will see the following page.
{3}. Select the checkbox next to the title you want to return, then click the “Return for Refund button.
{4}. The book will be removed from your Kindle e-reader, tablet, or mobile, depending upon where you are currently reading it.

I would like to mention that if you cancel your subscription (before your free trial is over), you will not be charged for the remainder of the month. You will not be able to keep the book on your Kindle e-reader, tablet, or iPod.