How to Cancel Kindle Unlimited

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Kindle Unlimited Limitations

Just because you can access certain titles through Kindle Unlimited, it doesn’t mean you can keep them forever. If you end up purchasing the book you checked out, the book isn’t added to your Kindle device or app.

This is because once you start reading Kindle Unlimited books, you must keep reading them, even if you don’t finish them. If you fail to do this, you’ll be locked out of reading the book until the next billing period.

Unlike other Kindle devices that support page-turning apps so that you can have more than one book on at a time, Kindle Unlimited books are locked to your reading time period.

You also can’t read Kindle Unlimited books on a computer, a tablet, or anywhere but on a Kindle.

Other Kindle devices and apps don’t currently support this service.

How to Cancel Your Kindle Unlimited Subscription

Did you realize that you are paying for free books that you are not reading? If your Kindle Unlimited subscription is running, it’s time to cancel it.