The Best Way to Read a Book – A Comprehensive Guide

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The Best Reading Environment

Get into your comfortable clothes, light some candles and light incense. Devote at least one hour to reading. Look in the mirror and repeat to yourself “I’m going to read an hour today.” Keep repeating until you convince yourself that your goal is achievable.

The smell of incense and the light from the candle makes one feel calm and relaxed. This is just the environment you need when you’re reading a book. Don’t worry if you can’t find candles or incense, you can also turn on your favorite meditation music.

Some people like to read in the bed because they find it comfy. However, if you’re the type that’s weak to temptation and can’t ignore the temptation of turning off the lights, you may want to try another environment like the dining room table.

There are other reading environment ideas to try including coffee shops and beaches. Just try to find the environment that suits you best.

Use My Favorite Reading Tools

I started reading books on my mobile phone, my eReader, and now, when I’m on the go, I enjoy reading books on my Kindle. I get prime reading on my phone using their Kindle app.

Books are a great way to learn new skills, to increase your knowledge, and to help you reach your goals. There are so many books that cover general self-improvement, business, marketing, and many other topics.

My recommended reading tool depends on what you will be reading the most. I have books for all three of these reading formats.

My favorite tool for reading books is the Kindle Paperwhite because it’s lightweight and easy to carry. I easily read 20 or more books a year on this eReader.

The other two gadgets work well, too. On my phone I use the Kindle app. The text, when set to default black on white, is easily visible and really easy on the eyes.

This is why I only use this app for reading fiction books. For business and inspirational books, I prefer to have more white space while reading on my eReader.

I also prefer the actual page turn buttons and reading a physical book.

Create The Perfect Ambiance

Whenever you read a really good book, it becomes a part of your life. You keep it in your heart forever. That is why the atmosphere in which you read books can be just as important as the book itself.

Create the perfect ambiance in which to read by setting up the following:

Choose the Right Lighting:

During the day, it is best to use natural light. If that’s not possible, you might find a special lamp that won’t cause eyestrain or shift to your mood. In any case, it is recommended to read at a table where you can adjust the lighting as necessary. You need to be sitting straight so that your eyes are level with the center of the page.

Choose the Right Seating:

It is important to be comfortable whenever you read a great book. The best seating position for reading is when you are sitting straight up against a chair, so that your eyes are level with the center of the book. You should be comfortably back in the chair with one leg on the floor.

Have a Notepad and Pen Within Reach:

You can use the notepad to jot down notes or ideas on what you’re reading.

Have a Drink Within Reach:

Dedicate A Space To Reading

One of the most important aspects when reading books is to make it a ritual. It has to start with a fixed place and a fixed time. In order to form a reading habit, try to find a spot in your house where you can read and that you can enjoy in for hours without being distracted. You can also use a book stand in your bed, office chair or sofa if you like. It is best that you establish this place as a spot for reading in your home.

Other great locations for reading can be a library or other places where you can sit quietly. Make sure that you can enjoy the space you choose.

Eliminate Distractions And Interruptions

You want to read and comprehend the material, so it’s very important to eliminate distractions and interruptions. You should create an atmosphere that is conducive for learning and reading.

The ultimate goal here is to find a place where you can’t be disturbed. It may even mean getting on the second floor of a library if the first floor gets too noisy.

This advice may sound extreme, but if you “suffer” from distraction easily, it may be the only way to avoid interruptions.

But if you really want to read a book effectively, you need to remove all forms of distraction. In my opinion, this means removing all mobile devices from the room. You don’t need to be on your phone while learning anyway! So, put your phone in your pocket, or take the battery out and leave it elsewhere until you’re done reading.

Techniques To Improve How Much You Read

When you decide to read a book. The question always is how much you want to read.

Some people only read stories and biographies not more than 20 to 30 pages a day.

But there are people that read a 1000 pages in a day, reading one book in a day or simply every book they’re interested in.

So how can you control how much you read in a day?

Here are some techniques for you to read. With this you can read as much as you want.

Read More Words In A Minute

One way to read a lot of books is to read really fast.

Taking the information and gaining knowledge faster is an easy way to get through a lot of books quickly.

With this said, you do need to be aware of a few things.

You will not learn the material if you only skim the words at 200 words per minute. This is why skimming is a bad idea.

I have seen a lot of people read books this way by just looking at the cover. While it is easy to scan and read words at 200 words per minute, there is no way that you can learn the material that quickly.

“Skimming” actually means “speed reading” at 200 words per minute or higher. This speed is very fast for comprehension of the material.

A lot of people think that speed reading is just as simple as skimming the book. In my experience I have noticed that it takes a great deal of practice to comprehend the material at this speed.

When you get up to 200 words per minute, you can read the same amount of material in half the amount of time that you would take at 100 words per minute.

Comprehend And Remember More Details

An obvious action to take is to read books more frequently, and this is the second action to take. Read the book with the sole intention of understanding and learning the information.

This may sound a bit too simple a strategy, but actually you will find that this will be helpful in understanding and comprehending better.

What you should do is read the book at a decent pace. Don’t skip over anything. If you’re unsure about anything, then try to look it up to enhance your understanding.

The mentioned above can really help you in understanding and learning the concepts from the book.

By completing the previous tips, you will find yourself not only comprehending better but also remembering the concepts and the information in the book. And that is what will help you in future if you come across new situations.

In addition to the tips mentioned above, you may also try to watch videos from different sources to understand the concept. This would help you understand the concepts more clearly in a better way.

Make The Most Of Shorter Reading Sessions

If you’re pressed for time and would like to improve the outcome of your reading sessions, make the most of your short reading sessions.

Keep distractions to a minimum and try to be as alert as you can. A caffeinated coffee can help bring alertness to your reading sessions as well.

The Feynman Technique can also provide you with a productive approach to maximize your reading sessions. The decision to use this technique depends on you. It’s a personal preference thing.

The method also comes with some requirements to guarantee optimal yield. You need to set a starting point. At the end of each session, you need to read a set number of pages. If this means reading your whole book in different reading sessions, that’s what you need to do.

It also requires regular practice.

Regardless of the method you choose, you also need to keep your reading sessions interesting.

Try incorporating movies. These days, you can find great soundtracks on vinyl.

Choose a soundtrack that you like or have an emotional connection to. You can put it together with the book to watch when you’re done reading. It’s a great add-on and a new form of entertainment.